fishing at Makena Beach - fishing for a property? HAWAII Maui flowers - click to lots more
breaching humpback whale animation TSUNAMI ZONE/ HOME
Some of these pictures will link you to a Maui site with more pics or info.
somewhere in Spreckelsville Maui - it might be for sale! Cruise ship in Kahului Harbor, Maui Maui Arts and Cultural Center
harvesting pineapples in Haiku Maui - future Maui real estate palm trees Maui Ocean Center  - click to see more pics and the official site
Kaulanapueo Church in Huelo Maui - click to go to TWIN FALLS MAUI Beaches of Maui - click to see a few more beach pics Haleakala - mountain landscape on East Maui

Have you seen the north shore town of PAIA?