East Maui consists of a huge shield volcano called Haleakala, or House of the Sun. Haleakala is classified as an active volcano although the most recent volcanic activity was about 200 years ago. The mountain itself emerged from the sea and formed from 900,000 to 400,000 years ago. The large basin at the summit is commonly called a "crater". This crater has been built from hundreds of thousands of years of erosion and numerous volcanic eruptions.
Haleakala National Park encompasses the 10,023 ft. summit of Haleakala and the Kipahulu Valley Biological Reserve. There are 27 miles of trails in the summit area. These pictures were taken on a recent hike along the Sliding Sands Trail. It was a beautiful sunny and warm day in February. If you'd like to know more about this park look it up at www.nps.gov/hale.

Trailhead for sliding sands trail Inside Haleakala crater Inside Haleakala crater On the trail Red Hill, Haleakala National Park

Have you seen the north shore town of PAIA?