PAIA is a little town on the North Shore of Maui, where the flat central valley meets the base of the mountain. 100 years ago this was the heart of Maui's sugarcane industry. Sugar was an important crop and thousands of people depended on it for a living. In the early part of this century Paia was a big town, with a hospital, many schools and churches, 3 movie theaters, and numerous shops and homes. There was even a train to carry raw sugar and passengers to Kahului harbor and Wailuku. Canehaul truck from the Paia sugar mill
animated GECKO-some local wildlife
Now Paia is hustling and bustling with a different kind of energy. The old sugarmill shut down in Sept. 2000, one of the last few in the state, but the economy is more about tourism, windsurfing and surfing. People work at various jobs, if they work at all. The lifestyle is laid back and centers around outdoor activities. Many nice beaches are within walking distance of Paia, and you can always find a lot of folks enjoying themselves at any time of day.
Everything you need is right here in Paia: bank and post office; foodstores and gas stations; boutiques and beachsports; and plenty of good restaurants.
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Check out nearby KUAU COVE.


Below the sugarcane fields, tucked into a little bend in the coastal road, lies a special community, known as KUAU COVE. Mama's Fish House sits on the small beach, and the dining is exceptional.
KUAU COVE is located between Paia and Hookipa. There's one small grocery store in Kuau, but all other services are in Paia, about a mile away. In the summer the wind blows 15-25 knots almost every day, and the rest of the year still offers pretty good sailing. Winter brings the big surf, with the occasional set of double mast-high waves rolling in.The water's warm, the views are beautiful, and the sun shines almost every day.
This is windsurfing heaven!
Palm trees on the beach in Kuau
Hookipa Beach windsurfing action LINK TO PHOTOS OF SMALL BEACH
Experienced sailors can launch from this beach.
HOOKIPA BEACH is just 1/4 mile away.
You can't stay any closer, unless you're camping!


Sailors from all around the world come here to train and compete. The park has been recently improved, with lots of parking. After a hard day of sailing you can rinse off under the freshwater shower on the beach. The excellent conditions, combined with the Hawaiian lifestyle make for an ideal destination for a windsurfing vacation. Why don't you book one now? nice day windsurfing,April 2000 MORE PHOTOS
Need a place to stay, close to the action? Why spend all your time driving around? We have a nice little Apartment or 3 bedroom home right in the COVE. LINK TO PHOTOS OF HOOKIPA THIS IS THE PLACE YOU WANT TO BE SAILING!